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Course Agenda

The demand for Big Data Hadoop professionals is increasing across the globe and it’s a great opportunity for the IT professionals to move into the most sought technology in the present day world. ExcelR offers Big data & Hadoop course in Bangalore and instructor led live online session delivered by industry experts who are considered to be the best trainers in the industry. The training is studded with loads of practical assignments, case studies and project work, which ensures hands on experience for the participants. The training program is meticulously designed to become a professional of Big data Hadoop developer and crack the job in the space of Big Data

Things You Will Learn…

Introduction to Hadoop
What is Big Data
Need and significance of innovative technologies
What is Hadoop
3 Vs (Characteristics)
History of Hadoop and its Uses
Different Components of Hadoop
Various Hadoop Distributions

HDFS ( Hadoop Distributed File System) Sqoop
    • Significance of HDFS in Hadoop
    • HDFS Features
    • Daemons of Hadoopand functionalities

a) NameNode
b) DataNode
c) JobTracker
d) TaskTrack
e) Secondary NameNode

    • Data Storage in HDFS

a) Blocks
b) Heartbeats
c) Data Replication
d) HDFS Federation
e) High Availability

    • Accessing HDFS

a) CLI (Command Line Interface) Unix and Hadoop Commands
b) Java Based Approach

    • Data Flow

a) Anatomy of a File Read
b) Anatomy of a File Write

  • Hadoop Archives
    • Introduction to Sqoop
    • Sqoop Architecture and Internals
    • MySQL client and server installation
    • How to connect relational database using Sqoop
    • Sqoop Commands

a) Different flavors of imports
b) Export
c) HIVE imports

MapReduce Hive
    • Introduction to MapReduce
    • MapReduce Architecture
    • MapReduce Programming Model
    • MapReduce Algorithm and Phases
    • Data Types
    • Input Splits and Records
    • Blocks Vs Splits
    • Basic MapReduce Program

a) Driver Code
b) Mapper Code
c) Reducer Code
d) Combiner and Shuffler

    • Creating Input and Output formats in MapReduce Jobs

a) File Input / Output Format
b) Text Input / Output Format
c) Sequence File Input / Output Format,etc.

    • How to Debug MapReduce Jobs in Local and Pseudo cluster mode
    • The MapReduce Web UI
    • Introduction to MapReduce Streaming
    • Data Localization in MapReduce
    • Distributed Cache
    • Compression Mechanisms
    • Joins

a) Map-Side Joins
b) Reduce-Side Joins

    • The Metastore
    • Comparison with Traditional Databases

a) Schema on Read Versus Schema on Write
b) Updates, Transactions, and Indexes

    • HiveQL

a) Data Types
b) Operators and Functions

    • Tables

a) Managed Tables and External Tables
b) Partitions and Buckets
c) Storage Formats
d) Importing Data
e) Altering Tables
f) Dropping Tables

    • Querying Data

a) Sorting and Aggregating
b) MapReduce Scripts
c) Joins
d) Subqueries
e) Views

    • User-Defined Functions

a) Writing a UDF
b) Writing a UDAF

Pig HBase
    • Introduction to Apache Pig
    • MapReduce Vs. Apache Pig
    • SQL Vs. Apache Pig
    • Different Data types in Apache Pig
    • Modes of Execution in Apache Pig

a) Local Mode
b) Map Reduce or Distributed Mode

    • Execution Mechanism

a) Grunt shell
b) Script
c) Embedded

    • Data Processing Operators

a) Loading and Storing Data
b) Filtering Data
c) Grouping and Joining Data
d) Sorting Data
e) Combining and Splitting Data

  • How to write a simple PIG Script
  • UDFs in PIG
    • Introduction to Hbase
    • HBaseVs HDFS
    • Use Cases
    • Basics Concepts

a) Column families
b) Scans

    • Hbase Architecture
    • Zoo Keeper
    • Clients

b) Thrift
c) Java Based
d) Avro

  • MapReduce integration
  • MapReduce over Hbase
  • Schema definition
  • Basic CRUD Operations


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  • Data which is so large that it cannot be handled by the traditional tools being used in market.
  • There is no mandate to go for external certification. However, if one wants to pursue the same then they can explore the following links:



  • Big Data professionals are most sort after in the present world. Salaries are higher than the regular software professionals. One can apply for positions which includes Big Data tools & technologies & the job role varies from company to company. Big Data Developer, Big Data Analyst, etc., are a few common roles within this space.
  • We don’t wash off our hands after the completion of the training. A dedicated trainer will be provided as mentor to guide you subsequent to the training. He will do the necessary handholding to clarify all your doubts. In addition you can approach our support team to answer your queries. We will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Faculty is our strength. All our instructors are professionals with 10-15 years of working experience in various domains. We handpick the trainers, who are experienced, have passion for training and who possess excellent training skills. All our trainers are considered to be the best faculty of the industry.
  • Yes. ExcelR is one of the leaders in Training. We have tied up with many Indian and Multinational companies. They contact us for student profiles as and when the vacancies exist. We connect the eligible students to the prospective employers. We help in preparing resume, provide assistance for interview preparation, real time projects etc. We provide support till the student is placed.
  • Yes, the participants will be provided access to our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) the moment they are registered for the course. They access the session online and gain some insight towards the subject, before attending a live class
  • Send us an email [email protected] with your query. Our Subject Matter Experts/Sales team will approach you to clarify your queries or call us on 1800-3070-6600 (Toll Free number – India), 608-218-3798 (USA), 800 800 9706 (India), 203-514-6638 (United Kingdom), 128-520-3240 (Australia).

There are 2 options in case you miss a class
1) E-learning modules are available on our state-of-the-art LMS. You can access the videos at your convenience
2) All online sessions will be recorded and uploaded in a centralized repository where you can access the classes —-you missed and join the next session without hassles.



It was a great session and very informative. I really give credits to the trainer because this is a very dry subject but the trainer created interest in us.




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