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September 2017

Excelr Pentaho Online Training Makes a Difference to the Way You Use Big Data

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Big data is big, stupendous and mammoth in every sense. It is also the key that will make a difference to organizations. Those that make use of big data are likely to forge ahead.  Handling [...]

Why you will choose ExcelR for Big Data Analytics training in Hyderabad?

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Summary: If you are really looking for the best course to make your future a bright one then you must go for this course at the earliest. Educational courses are becoming one of the most [...]

Excelr’s Red Hat Satellite Server Corporate Training Makes Managing Networks Safer and Secure

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Red Hat Satellite Server is one of the finest tools to manage networked red Hat Enterprise Linux environments with a host of modules available through an easy to use interface for administrators. The interface is [...]

August 2017

Excelr Tibco Spotfire Training Empowers Executives to Analyze Data and Derive Intelligence in Record Time

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The sea of big data is growing at an exponential rate with experts stating that the amount of information available doubles every two years. The wave of internet of things data will further add to [...]

Guidelines of learning Tableau online training from renowned administration

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Summary:  Numerous students are there who opt for the best institution to enhance their business. For them, Tableau online course is quite important. Are you seeking for a good institution to enhance your business? You [...]

Why a PMP Certification course is extremely important for every job seeker ?

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Summary: Are you opting for a great Administrative who can help you in enhancing your business? Then taking PMP accreditation course is quite important for you. PMP signifies for Project management professional. It is a [...]