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May 2018

The Negative side of ChatBot

Round the clock availability is the major criteria for the modern day business. ChatBots fulfills this requirement using Artificial Intelligence that simulates the conversations of the people. AI-powered ChatBots serves as the first point of [...]

Highest-Paying PMP Jobs

In the U.S. in 2017, according to a survey of 10,937 project managers, the average project management professional without a PMP certification made $99,070 per year and the average project manager salary goes up to [...]

The Political Trends using Data Analytics

The Political Trends using Data Analytics                                                           [...]

Benefits of PMP Certification

PMP stands for Project Management Professional which is an internationally recognized professional designation. It has practical relevance in various industries like IT, services, construction, transportation, oil and gas, architectural, engineering and energy etc. Professionals are [...]

Wrangling Data in a Holistic Approach

We’re often asked to manage or present a single aspect of data when working on data and analytics projects. You may be working on how to get data from one system to integrate with data [...]

Autonomous Vehicles on Road

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Autonomous vehicles (AV) are not just another new innovation. They are an innovation that is steadily developing into an intensely social space. It is, therefore, nothing surprising that an extensive variety of factors impact people [...]