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ISO/IEC 22301 Foundation Training

ISO/IEC 22301 Implementer Training

ISO/IEC 22301 Lead Auditor Training by Registered certification bodies

Target audience

  • Business Owners, Management representative, compliance managers, service owners, process owners, internal Auditors who will be part of BCMS.
  • Personnel responsible for implementing, Auditing the Business continuity management system
  • Business Team (consultants, project managers, organizational staff, etc.) responsible for supporting the organization in implementing the BCMS and ensuring immediate restoration of business due to any incidents.



  • Learn parts, contents, terms and definitions, clauses and importance of the ISO 22301 standard
  • Learn the documentation and process requirements of an organization’s ITSMS as per the standard
  • Learn how to use the Deming cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle for planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, measuring, maintaining and continually improving the effectiveness of an organization’s BCMS
  • Learn and understand how an organization can complement BCMS framework with ISO Standard and other Managements systems and standards such as Service management systems and security management system
  • Learn how, what and where to use the standards during life cycle of BCMS implementation and its continual improvements.





Examination and Certification Training course Expectation
BCMS – Foundation Certification based on ISO 22301 Recommended hours of training: 16 Hours It is desirable that candidate may have either read the ISO 22301 standard or understand other ISO standards e.g. ISO 9001
Certified Lead Implementer in BCMS based on ISO 22301 Recommended hours of training 32 Hours Candidate should have experience in an implementation of Service management system covering a minimum of 5 service management process areas.
Certified Lead Auditor in BCMS based on ISO 22301 Recommended hours of training 40 Hours It is desired that participants shall have fair understanding of business continuity management systems and/or auditing principles around another management system standard for taking this course

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