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Jira Training

JIRA is the most popular Agile project management tool used by software professionals to manage Agile projects efficiently. JIRA is also used for bug tracking and issue tracking during software development. JIRA helps in planning, tracking the team’s work, managing releases and reporting the team performance. 1000+ add-ons of JIRA can help one to get the most out of JIRA software. JIRA can be integrated with the existing tools and the workflow can be upgraded with other developer tools. The capabilities of JIRA can be leveraged in the space of Knowledge Management, Real-time collaboration, continuous integration etc. Be it Scrum or Kanban or hybrid Agile methodologies, JIRA is an efficient tool for planning. Helps in accurate estimations using various estimation techniques like Story points, t-shirt sizes, hours etc. Value-driven prioritization can be done with a simple drag and drop method. Real-time collaboration helps in knowing your team’s work and keeps everyone on the same page. The state-of-the- art reporting capabilities of JIRA helps the team to gain an insight into their performance. One can change the workflow and various options in JIRA according to the team size which emphasizes the scalability capabilities of JIRA.

Customized Training

Agile transformation for an enterprise from traditional to Agile environment will be successful only when an efficient Agile Project Management tool is well implemented and used effectively by Agile players in the organization. The utilization of the tool can be optimized only when the users are familiar with the capability of the tool. We ensure that the users (from simple to advanced) are well versed with JIRA tool by the end of the training. Though we have a standard curriculum on JIRA training we also tailor the JIRA training according to our customer needs. Our training packages cater to the needs of a cross-section of users like Agile coaches, developers, Scrum masters, product owners etc. We understand the experience, outcome and expectations by performing due diligence of the customer environment through a continuous interaction prior to the training. We tweak the training curriculum accordingly. No wonder our JIRA corporate training is considered to be the best in the industry. This course helps to level up the JIRA skills from simple to advanced JIRA users. By the end of the training, attendees will be able to know, but not limited to

  • Downloading and Installation of JIRA, user management, configuring workflows, JIRA workflow Administration
  • Understand the various features of JIRA and how they can be aligned with Agile
  • Able to create a JIRA issue and understand the workflow
  • How categorization of issues done in JIRA
  • Tracking the progress of project tasks using JIRA dashboard
  • Setting up an Agile Project, creating user stories/issues, creating backlogs, Sprint Planning, prioritizing the sprints, monitoring the sprint through Scrum boards
  • Creating Kanban boards and Agile reporting
  • JIRA augmentation with Zephyr for test management
  • JIRA add-ons and integration
  • Many more

Why ExcelR?

ExcelR delivered a multitude of corporate trainings and considered as one of the leaders in JIRA corporate training space. No one knows the training needs pertaining to JIRA better than us Faculty is our strength. We have a pool of trainers who are well experienced, certified, qualified and passionate for training and are considered to be the best in the industry. ExcelR delivered 40+ trainings on JIRA across the globe. Our trainers have extensive experience in end-to-end JIRA Training. The entire training is studded with numerous practical examples to ensure the hands-on experience for the participants.

Post-Training Support

At ExcelR we do hand-holding subsequent to the training. One can fix an appointment with the trainer to clarify their doubts for a period of time.

Modes Of Corporate Training

There are 3 modes of JIRA training is available with us

  • In-house corporate training
  • Virtual Instructor-led online training
  • Self-paced Learning

Things You Will Learn

  • Certificate - DevOps Foundation
  • Non-Certificate - DevOps Foundation , DevOps Manager
  • Course Introduction 
  • Why DevOps?
  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps principles
  • DevOps and other Frameworks
  • DevOps culture
  • DevOps organizational consideration
  • DevOps practices
  • DevOps Automation practices and Tool categories
  • Adopting DevOps culture
  • Why DevOps ?
    • Current challenges
  • Beyond agile development
  • What is DevOps?
  • Five Aspects of DevOps
    • Organization, Performance KPIs
    • Processes, Toolset, Culture
  • Integration with other frameworks
  • ITIL, Agile, Lean
  • DevOps Practices
    • First Way, Second Way and Third Way
    • Continuous integration, Delivery and Deployment
  • DevOps Adoption
  • Define starting point
  • ITIL Service Lifecycle route
  • ITIL Processes route
  • DevOps Courses
    • Certificate – DevOps Foundation
    • Non – Certificate —DevOps Foundation, DevOps Manager
  • DevOps
    • Course Introduction 
    • Why DevOps?
    • What is DevOps?
    • DevOps principles
    • DevOps and other frameworks
    • DevOps culture
    • DevOps organizational consideration
    • DevOps practices
    • DevOps automation practices and Tool categories
    • Adopting DevOps culture
    • DevOps Foundation
  • DevOps Adoption
    • Define starting point
    • ITIL Service Lifecycle route
    • ITIL Processes route
  • DevOps Readiness Assessment
    • Identify Maturity Roadmap
    • Apply Lean to DevOps Aspects
  • Adopting DevOps “Three Way”
  • Adopting Microservices
  • Organizing DevOps teams
    • Define Your DevOps Structure
  • Dysfunctional Signs
    • Identify your pain
  • DevOps Case Studies
  • Overcoming Challenges
    • CSI approach, CSO register

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Why ExcelR?




  • Instructor-led online training is an interactive mode of training where participants and trainer will log in at the same time and live sessions will be done virtually. These sessions will provide scope for active interaction between you and the trainer.
  • ExcelR offers a blended model of learning. In this model, you can attend classroom, instructor-led live online and e-learning (recorded sessions) with a single enrolment. A combination of these 3 will produce a synergistic impact on the learning. You can attend multiple Instructor-led live online sessions for one year from different trainers at no additional cost with the all new and exclusive JUMBO PASS.
  • It is a live instructor-led interactive session which is done at a specific time where participants and trainer will log in at the same time. The same session will be also recorded and access will be provided to revise, recap or watch any missed session.
  • Not a problem even if you miss a live DevOps session for some reason. Every session will be recorded and access will be given to all the videos on ExcelR’s state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS). You can watch the recorded DevOps sessions at your own pace and convenience.
  • Yes, after successfully completing the course you will be awarded a course completion certificate from ExcelR.
  • You can reach out to us by visiting our website and interact with our live chat support team. Our customer service representatives will assist you with all your queries. You can also send us an email at [email protected] with your query. Our Subject Matter Experts / Sales Team will clarify your queries or call us on 1800-212-2120 (Toll-Free number – India), 608-218-3798 (USA), 800 800 9706 (India), 203-514-6638 (United Kingdom), 128-520-3240 (Australia).
  • The different payment methods accepted by us are
    • Cash
    • Net Banking
    • Cheque
    • Debit Card
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover

Global Presence

ExcelR is a training and consulting firm with its global headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. Alongside to catering to the tailored needs of students, professionals, corporates and educational institutions across multiple locations, ExcelR opened its offices in multiple strategic locations such as Australia, Malaysia for the ASEAN market, Canada, UK, Romania taking into account the Eastern Europe and South Africa. In addition to these offices, ExcelR believes in building and nurturing future entrepreneurs through its Franchise verticals and hence has awarded in excess of 30 franchises across the globe. This ensures that our quality education and related services reach out to all corners of the world. Furthermore, this resonates with our global strategy of catering to the needs of bridging the gap between the industry and academia globally.

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