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Business Analytics course is intended to give a holistic understanding of data analytic techniques that can be performed using R platform. This course is designed by industry experts to meet the real world requirements for beginners and professionals. This course is envisioned with case studies, real-life projects. ExcelR familiarizes you with statistical models using R programming language and how the R language environment supports predictive modeling with machine learning and how Tableau’s graphical representation transforms the people to solve data problems.

To build a successful career in Business analytics/ Data analytics, this course on Business Analytics is intended to give a holistic understanding of data analytic techniques that can be performed using R platform. This course offers you get practical, hands-on experience with business analytical skills to ensure hassle-free execution of real-life projects. This business analytic course leverages world-class industry expertise in making you professional data science experts.

Course objectives:

This training is for (5 days) and will focus on the “Must Know” concepts of Data Analytics for students as well as professionals who are working in other domains, to embark into the world’s # 1 profession – Data Science. This training is focused on providing knowledge on all the key techniques such as Statistical Analysis, most widely used Regression Analysis, Data Mining Unsupervised learning techniques, Machine Learning. These techniques will be explained using the best data science tools in the industry – R.


  • Lecture with a blend of theoretical & practical exposure
  • Hands-on exercise to reiterate the learning
  • Quizzes to test the understanding
  • Discussions & final exam to attain a certificate

Who should attend

  • Candidates aspiring to be a Data Scientist, Big Data Analysists, Analytics Manager/Professionals, Business Analyst, Developer
  • Graduates who are looking to build a career in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Employees – Organization is planning to shift to Big data tools

Learning outcome

  • To understand the landscape of the various data generation sources
  • To understand the tools & techniques used in the space of data analytics
  • To understand the differences between structured & unstructured data
  • To understand the differences between descriptive analytics & predictive analytics
  • To understand the text mining analytics & generate the sentiment analysis
  • To understand the data-driven approaches in taking critical business decisions
  • To understand  how to build simple prediction models for day to day applicability

Course Deliverables

  1. Use case driven & industry-specific curriculum with Expert trainers
  2. Work on (1) Live Projects through INNODATATICS, USA
  3. Free access to attend live training classes for 3 months
  4. 3 months Learning Management System(LMS) access to recorded videos, assignments, case studies related to your industry, algorithms & course materials
  5. Access to Free webinars and latest industry updates
  6. 24/7 Interaction with our trainer pool through forums
  7. 3 mock interviews to test your readiness to attend the interviews

Things you will learn…

Data Science Course Introduction Video

Watch our sample e-learning video recorded by industry’s best trainers with extensive subject knowledge expertise and who are considered to be the best trainers of the industry. All the participants will be provided access to our state-of-the-art Learning management system (LMS) at ExcelR.net, where one can access end to end course videos at your own pace & convenience sitting back at your home. Videos can be accessed from your desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. Switch back and forth as you choose


Data Analytics, Business Analytics & Data Science are the same with just 2 different names. The name of the role of people working in this profession is called as Data Scientist

Data analytics is a profession which caught the attention of the world only since 2 years. Because of this very reason most companies are struggling to close the demand-supply gap. Hence, people who are trained and have decent exposure towards the data analytics techniques are recruited immediately.

There are a lot of job opportunities in various job portals for freshers. The key thing employer would be keen to know is whether you have the conceptual knowledge or not. The projects provided by ExcelR in various concepts will only reinforce your learning to make you market ready for the jobs.

We understand that human brain can grasp only so much. Hence, we record all the sessions and provide access to the e-learnings to the trainees for the rest of their life.

Yes and No. Yes in the sense programming skills would be required & No in the sense one need not have extremely strong programming skills. However, we at ExcelR ensure that you get sufficient exposure on the statistical programming tool called ‘R’. We start right from the basics assuming you do not have any exposure towards programming.

R has approximately 50% market share & it is open source (free of cost). Hence, R is very lucrative in the analytics space. Almost all the jobs are asking for experience & exposure in R. Demand for other statistical tools is decreasing steadily & hence it is recommended to be futuristic and invest time in learning R.

Salaries range varies based on experience, industry, domain, geography & various other parameters. However, as a general thumb rule, we can apply the following formula:

 Salary = No. of years of experience * 3 Lacs per annum (India – INR)

 Salary = No. of years of experience * $ 1200 to $1500 per annum (Overseas – USD)