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Digital twins

A digital replica of the physical and virtual world One of the top 10 strategic technology trends named by Gartner Inc. in 2017 is Digital Twin Technology. Digital Twin concept represents the merging of the [...]

Advantages and disadvantages of pie charts

Rather than just presenting a series of numbers, a simple way to visualize statistical information for businesses is charts and graphs. The most common of these is the pie chart. As it shows data in [...]

Social Media and Business Intelligence – A snapshot of the real world

Social media and business intelligence are now inseparable. The new reality, as well as new tools for understanding human behavior, has created by the emergence of social media. From marketing to crime prevention, the applications [...]

Importance of content in Digital Marketing

What is Content? Content is the way of presenting your information to the audience in the form of text, video, and images. It is both interactive and communication. At the first place, it gives users [...]

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How do I get a Data science job?

Landing a position in Data Science is not tough but rather all you require is the skills to kick-start your data science career. There are few core data science competencies which are required for turning [...]

The Top 10 trends that would drive the scope of Data Analytics

Digital transformation reshapes each part of a business. The effective Digital transformation will require watchful collaboration, attentive planning, and the incorporation of each department, as digital technology evolves. Data Science may have turned out to [...]

In demand skills in the next Decade

"Amplify your marketability by seeking tech skills in demand for the future! " As organizations turn out to be more influenced by the interruptions of AI, biotechnology, robotics, ecological change, global connectives and the ascent [...]

Security of Data is crucial for firms

The limit of PC frameworks to store and process individual data has been always expanding for quite a few years. The measure of individual data being held in PC frameworks has expanded significantly on account [...]

Artificial Intelligence – “Smarter Than Humanly Possible”

We are in the early stages of a global intelligence revolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) already permeates many aspects of our lives. All over the world, AI systems filter email spam, recommend things for people to [...]

Data Science Interview Questions – 3