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Benefits of PMP Certification

PMP stands for Project Management Professional which is an internationally recognized professional designation. It has practical relevance in various industries like IT, services, construction, transportation, oil and gas, architectural, engineering and energy etc. Professionals are [...]

Wrangling Data in a Holistic Approach

We’re often asked to manage or present a single aspect of data when working on data and analytics projects. You may be working on how to get data from one system to integrate with data [...]

Autonomous Vehicles on Road

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are not just another new innovation. They are an innovation that is steadily developing into an intensely social space. It is, therefore, nothing surprising that an extensive variety of factors impact people [...]

Analytics gives a boost to Healthcare industry

According to a new report by global software major Infosys, “Cybersecurity, Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are among the top technologies employed by healthcare and life sciences firms across the world”  The essential [...]

Driving Immersive Experiences in Virtual and Augmented Reality

When we ask anyone about what modern technology could have the most exciting impact on their lives and it’s not hard to understand why many are likely to say virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality [...]

Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA)

What is Qualitative Data? Qualitative data is the data that are not easily reduced to numbers. It is the type of data that can be generated from transcripts of individual interviews and focus groups, copies [...]

AI and its Challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) saturates numerous aspects of our lives. Everywhere throughout the world, AI systems filter email spam, prescribe things for individuals to purchase, give lawful counsel on everything. Describing AI is troublesome, not scarcest [...]

Is Email Marketing killed (or) upgraded

Is it worth investing time and energy into email marketing? There have been buzzes that email marketing is dead or dying for quite some time now. My prediction is email is not going anywhere.  It’s [...]

Machine Learning in Finance

Before the advent of mobile banking apps, proficient chatbots, or search engines, machine learning has had fruitful applications in finance well. Few industries are better suited for artificial intelligence as they have high volume, historically [...]

The Future Scope of Digital Marketing

In today’s world of internet, Digital Marketing is the only one and most guaranteed way of marketing, which is popularly being the most preferred space for marketing communications and related interactions. The future of marketing [...]

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